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All sessions by video until further notice. 

Couples, Adults, & Adolescents

We believe in therapy through connection and comprehensive care. Together, we build on your strengths, expanding your understanding of yourself, making new habits, and practicing freer choices. 

People are happiest and most fulfilled when we integrate all aspects of ourselves, including those that might cause us pain. Our goal is to help alleviate individual or couples' difficulties now and also help balance clients' lives by incorporating neglected or overlooked parts. 

*** For therapy in Spanish, please schedule with Gail Marquez ***


Getting Started: Individual clients can self-schedule with one of our therapists or a free consultation with Karen Keys, Owner. Couples can self-schedule a session or free consult with Karen or Tasnim. New clients can always email or call Karen with questions or concerns. 

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Karen Keys


Owner &

Couple's Therapist

Our Commitment to Justice & Equity

The Integrated therapy practice stands as an active ally against discrimination in all its forms. We condemn violence and hatred, and express our unwavering commitment in support of all people, especially those who suffer due to systemic injustice and interpersonal or state-sponsored violence. We embrace the life-long work of challenging internalized bigotry in ourselves and others. Our practice is committed to alleviating suffering and inequality. 


Until we celebrate the diverse glory of all human beings, our work continues. 

It was a great first step. We talked through much of what I wanted to and we made sure we would continue on with more of what I'm concerned with. 
It was a visit that gave me a hope again. I have hesitated to schedule this appointment, I have a addiction issue and if you are reading this and thinking about talking to Ms. Keys do it. It might save you too.
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